China Accounting and Finance Review

, 18:9

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The Zodiac Calendar and Equity Factor Returns

  • Janice PhoengAffiliated withErasmus School of Economics, Erasmus University Rotterdam
  • , Laurens SwinkelsAffiliated withErasmus School of Economics, Erasmus University Rotterdam and Erasmus Research Institute of Management Email author 


We calculate the returns for four well-known equity return factors—market, size, value, and momentum—for each zodiac calendar year from 1927 to 2015. We find that the point estimates of average returns for each zodiac sign can be substantially different. However, when we employ statistical tests, we do not find enough evidence to reject the null hypothesis of equal excess returns across zodiac signs. For an investor with an equally weighted portfolio in these four equity factors, the Year of the Rooster may seem particularly good and the Year of the Ox particularly poor, but also in this case the null hypothesis cannot be rejected. Hence, we conclude that investment strategies based on zodiac signs are unlikely to generate superior returns.


Factor Investing Stock Market Returns Zodiac Calendar