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The Experimental Design of App Games to Bridge the Gap between Two Generations

  • Hsing-yu HouAffiliated withDepartment of Industrial Engineering and Management, National Yunlin University of Science and TechnologyThe department of Business Administration, Transworld University


The increasingly ageing population is an important issue for family relationships. If the human-device interface is well designed, older citizens can manage icons more easily than typing on a keyboard. The authors use the design of experiment method to evaluate the effect of App games. There are 2*2*2=8 combinations in the experiment. The three factors are image size, touch guidelines and degree of complication. The independent variables are gender, age, technology sensitivity and the attitude to risk. The dependent variable is the game score. It is proven that simplicity, clear guidelines and small screen result in better performance. The elderly like big screens but Apps do bot provide this. These results allow App designers to direct development. More attention to the needs of the elderly during the shooting process might also improve interaction between the elderly and youths.


Design of Experiment App Game Generation Interaction