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Towards a Technology Enhanced Interaction Framework

  • K. AngkananonAffiliated withECS Web and Internet Science (WAIS), University of SouthamptonBusiness Computer Department of the Faculty of Management, Suratthani Rajabhat University
  • , M. WaldAffiliated withECS Web and Internet Science (WAIS), University of Southampton
  • , L. GilbertAffiliated withECS Web and Internet Science (WAIS), University of Southampton


This paper focuses on the development and validation of a general interaction framework to help design technology to support communication between people and improve interactions between people, technology and objects, particularly in complex situations. A review of existing interaction frameworks shows that none of them help technology designers and developers to consider all of the possible interactions that occur at the same time and in the same place. The main and sub-components of the framework are described and explained and examples are given for each type of interaction. The framework was successfully validated by three designer experts and three accessibility experts. The designer experts focused on the main and subcomponents of the framework while accessibility experts focused on the accessibility aspects. As a result of the comments from the experts some changes to the framework components will be made. Work is now in progress to provide designers with a method to apply the framework to create technology solutions to complex communication and interaction problems and situations.

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Interaction framework technology design