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Audio Music Monitoring: Analyzing Current Techniques for Song Recognition and Identification

  • E.D. Nishan W. SenevirathnaAffiliated withUniversity of Colombo
  • , Lakshman JayaratneAffiliated withUniversity of ColomboUniversity of Western Sydney


when people are attaching or interesting in something, usually they are trying to interact with it frequently. Music is attached to people since the day of they were born. When music repository grows, people faced lots of challenges such as finding a song quickly, categorizing, organizing and even listening again when they want etc. Because of this, people tend to find electronic solutions. To index music, most of the researchers use content based information retrieval mechanism since content based classification doesn’t need any additional information rather than audio features embedded to it. As well as it is the most suitable way to search music, when user don’t know the meta data attached to it, like author of the song. The most valuable application of this audio recognition is copyright infringement detection. Throughout this survey we will present approaches which were proposed by various researchers to detect, recognize music using content base mechanisms. And finally we will conclude this by analyzing the current status of this era.


Audio fingerprint features extraction wavelets broadcast monitoring Audio classification Audio identification