GSTF Journal on Computing (JoC)

, 4:21

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High-level simulation of concurrency operations in microthreaded many-core architectures

  • Irfan UddinAffiliated withAl-Yamamah University


Computer architects are always interested in analyzing the complex interactions amongst the dynamically allocated resources. Generally a detailed simulator with a cycle-accurate simulation of the execution time is used. However, the cycleaccurate simulator can execute at the rate of 100K instructions per second, divided over the number of simulated cores. This means that the evaluation of a complex application with complex concurrency interactions on contemporary multi-core machine can be very slow. To perform efficient design space exploration we present a co-simulation environment, where the detailed execution of concurrency instructions in the pipeline of microthreaded cores and the interactions amongst the hardware components are abstracted. We present the evaluation of the high-level simulation framework against the cycle-accurate simulation framework. The results show that high-level simulator is faster and less complicated than cycle-accurate simulator and has reasonable accuracy.


High-level simulation many-core systems concurrent systems