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, 5:12

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Possibility of using Multimedia Application for Learning

  • L. K. Pulasthi Dhananjaya GunawardhanaAffiliated withDepartment of IT, School of Science and Engineering, Malaysia University of Science and Technology (MUST)
  • , Sellappan PalaniappanAffiliated withHead of Information Technology and Telecommunication Department, School of Science, Malaysia University of Science and Technology (MUST)


Technology is developing quickly. Multimedia, a form of technology, is being used as a teaching tool these days. Many researchers and educators have found suitable ways to design multimedia applications in order to achieve fruitful educational outcomes. Not that all we are going to discuss here, the definition of multimedia, and the connection between multimedia and learning tools, concept of multimedia applications, how they are formed using a different media, the type of educational element that effect to learn in their natural environment and the real-world issues. The definitions and characteristics of multimedia and educational elements are explained in this article.


Multimedia Interactive Media Interactive Media Educational Multimedia Modality Principle Multimedia Design