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, 5:13

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Social Multimedia Networks Behaviour Model & Architecture

  • L. K. Pulasthi Dhananjaya GunawardhanaAffiliated withDepartment of IT, School of Science and Engineering, Malaysia University of Science and Technology (MUST)
  • , Sellappan PalaniappanAffiliated withHead of Information Technology and Telecommunication Department, Malaysia University of Science and Technology (MUST)


People constantly use social multimedia networks to communicate with one another, with users mostly sharing data, such as photos and videos. We examine the motivations that drive colluders to form alliances over social networking platforms and determine how these groups create coalitions to advance their interests. We also investigate the network architectures that underlie social multimedia networks and how these platforms circulate. Such architectures are connected to different protocols, including WebID, Semantic Pingback and PubSubHubbub, to form a logical semantic circulating social multimedia network that delivers a centralised social network structure.

Key Words

Social Multimedia Network Social Media Multimedia Colluder Peer-to-peer Network Network Architecture WebID Semantic Pingback