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, 2:15

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Secure medical image communication using ROI based lossless watermarking and novel digital signature

  • A. UmamageswariAffiliated withDepartment of CSE, Sathyabama University
  • , G.R. SureshAffiliated withDepartment of ECE, Easwari Engineering College


Protection of medical image content is more significant in telemedicine. Digital lossless watermarking becomes the auspicious technique to secure the medical content in medical images. To enhance the security, this paper suggests secure hash algorithm , rivest- shamir- adlemen algorithm, novel algorithms additive hash function and advanced classical cipher for replacing the existing algorithm and the production of digital signature to achieve high confidentiality and authentication. An image is compressed using joint photographic experts group JPEG 2000 discrete wavelet transforms for region of interest and joint photographic experts group JPEG for region of non interest. The medical image content electronics patient record and digital signature is embedded in region of non interest of compressed image, using lossless watermarking technique. Watermarking technique increases the integrity and authenticity, when medical images are shared through open network. The peak signal to noise ratio value is up to 72dBs for all types of digital imaging and communications in medicine images. Increase in authentication can be achieved when the medical expert access secured medical images from the web servers using Kerberos technique.


Authentication and confidentiality JPEG 2000 compression Kerberos lossless watermarking medical image security