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Journal of Engineering Research

, 2:24

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Optimization of a self-driven current-doubler phase shifted full bridge DC-DC converter with integrated magnetic

  • Sevilay CetinAffiliated withTechnology Faculty, Pamukkale University Email author 


In this paper, a design approach of a self driven current doubler (CD) phase shifted full bridge converter (PSFB) with integrated magnetic (IM) is proposed. In the design procedure, primary winding of transformer split into two windings and output inductors are integrated in the power transformer’s core. In addition, self-driver is used to drive parallel connected synchronous rectifier on the secondary side. Self-driving signals are generated using directly secondary in power transformer. Therefore, power density of the converter is increased using only one magnetic core. An analytical loss analysis is presented to evaluate optimum design parameters. Operation of proposed design is achieved by a prototype operating at 80kHz and rated 1kW (12V-83A). Finally, the obtained efficiency results are compared to the performance of diode rectified center tapped (DRCT) conventional PSFB converter and 10% increasing efficiency is achieved with proposed design approach.


Current doubled rectifier design optimization integrated magnetic phaseshifted full bridge converter self-driver