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, 3:24

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Improving the performance of MPPT in PV systems by modified Perturb-and-Observe algorithm

  • Mehmet Ali ÖzçelikAffiliated withDepartment Electric and Energy, Gaziantep UniversityElectrical and Electronics Engineering Department, Sütçü Imam University Email author 
  • , Ahmet Serdar YilmazAffiliated withElectrical and Electronics Engineering Department, Sütçü Imam University


Solar energy is a renewable energy source and occupies an important position in power generation. While it is environment-friendly, silent and non-fuelled, its high investment costs and low efficiency in terms of energy conversion bring about various disadvantages. Therefore, studies on the improvement of systems operated via photovoltaic energy gained importance and the researches and developments within the field of current power conversion systems enabled the photovoltaic systems to gain momentum. Maximum power point tracking (MPPT) must be used to obtain maximum performance from the solar energy system. In this study, Perturb and Observe (P&O) algorithm -the most commonly used algorithm in MPPT systems- was analyzed, an approach towards eliminating oscillation problems, improving speed to obtain more power value, were maintained and reference current value was obtained from P&O algorithm under changing and constant PV panel radiation conditions. Finally, the proposed P&O algorithm was simulated and the results are discussed.

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DC/DC boost converter MPPT P&O algorithm solar cell