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Journal of Engineering Research

, 4:4

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Insitu hydraulic conductivity tests for compacted calcareous sands using Sealed Double Ring Infiltrometers (SDRI)

  • Anwar Faisal Al-YaqoutAffiliated withCivil Engineering Department, Kuwait University Email author 


This study uses the Sealed Double Ring Infiltrometers (SDRIs) to measure the infiltration rates of compacted calcareous sands in the field. Laboratory tests were conducted on the locally available soil samples to determine the geotechnical parameters that are needed to achieve the lowest hydraulic conductivity at the field. Test pads were constructed at controlled compaction conditions and in-situ hydraulic conductivity experiments were conducted by Sealed Double Ring Infiltrometer (SDRI). Field measurements were carried out by recording the SDRI readings periodically. Infiltration rates ranged between 1.89 x 10-12 m/s and 1.08 x 10-10 m/s.

The results of the study suggest that calacareous sandy soils have achieved low permeability values under controlled conditions of compaction and SDRIs can be used for prolonged periods of time to obtain the infiltration rates that represent the hydraulic conductivity characteristic of the saturated soil liners.


Calcareous sands compaction conditions hydraulic conductivity Sealed Double Ring Infiltrometers (SDRI)