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Does IFRS 13 Improve the Disclosure of the Fair Value Measurement?

An empirical analysis of the real estate sector in Europe
  • Donatella BussoAffiliated withUniversity of Turin


The paper presents the results of an empirical analysis on the disclosure of the fair value measurement in the real estate sector following the introduction of IFRS 13. Fair value is an important criterion for IFRSs with many uses stated by different standards and over the years an intense debate has arisen about both the usefulness of fair value and its definition. In 2011 the IASB issued a new standard about fair value, its definition, its measurement and the related disclosure. The effective date of IFRS 13 was 1st January 2013. The introduction of IFRS 13 is an opportunity to verify the state of art of the application of fair value as a subsequent measurement. Furthermore, the paper aims at verifying whether the introduction of IFRS 13 leads to an improvement in the disclosure reported in the notes. Focusing on investment properties, the paper aims at verifying the effects of the first application of IFRS 13 in the real estate sector, by means of an empirical research of Italian, French and German groups listed on the Stock Exchange. A total of 1,343 items were hand collected. The results show that the fair value model is used in 75% of cases of real estate companies which held investment properties. Disclosures about fair value measurement required by IFRS 13 are reported by many entities, but there are still companies not compliant with the new requirements.


fair value fair value hierarchy investment properties real estate IFRS