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, 4:2

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Enablers That Positively Impact Implementation of Organizational Change

  • Lily ChengAffiliated withMonash UniversityEducation & Human Development, George Washington UniversityUniversity of Tasmania


This study analyzes the enablers identified by Organization Development (OD) practitioners from interpretivist’s view as being necessary for positive change to happen in organization. Through semi-structured interviews with six OD practitioners from three organizations that elicit their experiences of change initiatives, nine enablers were found that span across the three dimensions of content, context and process suggested in Armenakis and Bedeian’s [1] Integrated Theoretical Framework for change. The research data also indicates that the interdependence of these three change dimensions increases the level of change recipients’ commitment towards successful implementation of change, and suggests that the intangible dimensions of context, as compared to the tangible dimensions of content and process, is found to require more attention from OD practitioners in order for change to be successfully implemented.


change enabler organization change content-context-process framework