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U-tube Steam Generator Fault Detection Using Fuzzy Model

  • Zuheir AhmadAffiliated withResearcher at Energy Commission of Syria, Computer and Control Engineering Department Email author 


In safety critical system like power plant system, the problem of detecting the occurrence of faults is of paramount importance due to their disastrous consequences. To allow efficient performance under different operating conditions, a power plant system requires the integration of many subsystems.This results in a complex system which will inevitably be subjected to faults caused by actuators, sensors or subsystems faults during operation. One of the major subsystems, in power plant is U-tube Steam Generator (UTSG). This paper is concerned with Fault Detection and Isolation (FDI) of UTSG system using fuzzy model. These methods aims at checking the consistency between observed and predicted behaviour by residuals. When an inconsistency is detected between the measured and predicted behaviours obtained using a faultless system model, a fault can be indicated. Simulation results presented in the final part of the paper confirm the effectiveness of this approach.

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Fault detection Fuzzy model PWR Power Plant Steam generator