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The Engimatic WNT signaling and Mesenchymal stem cell Adipogenesis: Implications for Metabolic Disorders

  • Nidhi AnilAffiliated withCentre for Stem Cell & Tissue Engineering, Punjab University Email author 


The past decade has witnessed a sudden surge in the obesity prevalence worldwide. Obesity has been linked to several chronic metabolic disorders including diabetes, hyperlipidemia and atherosclerosis. Due to this there is an immense interest in understanding the intricate aspects of adipogenesis, specifically pertaining to the study of the mechanisms through which various signaling pathways regulate adipocyte differentiation. One such enigmatic signaling pathway regulating adipogenesis is the WNT signaling Pathway. The present review focusses on the role of WNT signaling on Adipogenesis and its relationship with the development of metabolic disorders.


Adipogenesis Mesenchymal stem cell Metabolic disorders Wnt signaling