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, 4:13

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Examining How Management Research Learns from Research in the Physical Sciences

  • Amiruddin AhamatAffiliated withUniversity of Technology Malaysia


This paper examined the views in which how management research can learn from the research in physical sciences. The discussions evolved on the understanding of scientific knowledge science in the area of sciences and relation to the study in management research. Management research might not be scientific as in physical sciences such as physics, chemistry or astronomy because the former are inter-related with human behavior and whereas the latter investigates physical objects (non-living objects). The following discussion explored the distinction between management and physical science researches. Synthesizing this discussion, it is depicted that the concept of science has been differently interpreted by various physical sciences are schools of thoughts. It is recommended here that one of the ways to progress management inquiry or research, is to challenge the traditional methodologies and to use scientific approach in observing, measuring, analyzing, and concluding management phenomena. Hence, this reflects from learning of the physical science research.

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management research physical science scientific scientific knowledge