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The Investigation: The Amount Quality of Life and Quality of Life Experience and Spiritual Needs of the Elderly in Teratai and Myria Nursing Homes; Mix Methode

  • SuzannaAffiliated withDepartment of Nursing Pschiatry, STIKes Muhammadiyah PalembangUniversity of Indonesia
  • , TriliaAffiliated withDepartment of Nursing Geriartry, Muhammadiyah Health Science and High School Nursing Science Study ProgramUniversity of Sriwijaya


The increasing life expectancy of the elderly can not be separated from the problem that consists of various health problems, social, psychological, economic and spiritual will affect (Quality of Life). Quality of life is an individual's perception of life in the community in the context of culture and value system, and is strongly influenced by the physical, psychological and level of independence, and spiritual needs of the environment (WHOQOL, 2014). This research use two methode are quantitative; with descriptive and qualitative descriptive phenomenological study approach. Researchers will determine the sample information with purposive sampling. The number of participants ranged 6 in and 30 respondents in two social institutions elderly Teratai and Myria Palembang with in deep interview. Overall after interview all participant there are five theme about quality of life and spiritual needs: socialization in Nursing Homes was very good, the achieve of quality of life was optimum, spiritual of God was very powerfull, the miracle of God was very extraordinary, being soul of condition toward die. According to the quantitative the number of reachable quality of life is 70% elderly people. Overall the five of theme from result was connected and similiar with quality of life theory and Spiritual Consept ; Leinenger trancultural Theory (1985) was decribes abaout holistic dimension “Cultural Care Wordlview”. One of important factors was an overview about “Well being or Rest in Peace”. The only theme about socialization in nursing homes was very good, this theme was contradict with aging theory especially the change of spiritual.


Elderly Quality of Life Spiritual Needs