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Using Defined Neural Cell Populations as a Possible Solution for Challenges in Neural Stem Cell Therapy

  • Hassan AzariAffiliated withNeural Stem Cell and Regenerative Neuroscience Laboratory, Department of Anatomical Sciences, Shiraz School of Medicine, Shiraz University of Medical SciencesNeural Stem Cell and Regenerative Neuroscience Laboratory, Shiraz Stem Cell Institute, Shiraz University of Medical Sciences Email author 


Neural stem cells exist in the mammalian nervous system. Despite extensive research to improve methods for isolation, propagation and differentiation of these cells, the clinical application of the in vitro expanded neural stem cells has remained challenging. Specifically, these challenges include heterogeneity of neural stem cell progeny, limited neuronal cell yield both in number and phenotype, paucity of oligodendroglial cells, and predominant astroglial differentiation in vitro and after transplantation. Moreover, uncontrolled proliferation and tumorigenicity of the undifferentiated progeny possibly limit the clinical application of neural stem cells. Here, we propose using defined neural cell populations as a main solution.


Neural stem cell Differentiation Defined cell population Cell therapy