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, 2:15

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Interfacing Effective Communication, Good Governance and Sustainable Development in Nigeria

  • Chudi OkwechimeAffiliated withUniversities of Uyo


Successive governments in Nigeria have made a singsong of sustainable development. Various development plans have come and gone in budgets and policy documents, the latest being the Transformation Agenda of the Goodluck Jonathan-led Federal government. Is sustainable development a hallmark of good governance? What role can communication play in the interplay between good governance and sustainable development? What is the measure of communication effectiveness? This paper examines the interplay among these seemingly distinct variables in a society marked by such sensitive issues as hunger, unemployment, injustice, political brigandage, massive corruption and profligacy. It draws out measurable lessons on the lopsidedness of communication flow through government owned mass media and systemic obstacles that militate against the attainment of good governance and sustainable development in Nigeria. Consequently, the paper recommends a constructive synergy of the key factors that should enhance the well-being of Nigerians.


Communication feedback mass media sustainable development and good governance