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Social Penetration by Social Media Usage

A Case on Indonesian Women and Their Interaction with Online Foreign Partners
  • Yudi PerbawaningsihAffiliated withCommunication Department, Atma Jaya Yogyakarta University Email author 


Indonesia has a cultural value that women must be married. Therefore, women above 25 years and do not yet show signs for getting married will be the society’s gossip.To overcome the issues, parents usually help find a mate for her daughter, known as “match” or “forced marriages” regardless she is willing or not. On the other hand, women who looking for a mate through a dating agency are also considered as not good. In this condition, social media in Indonesia is very welcomed. The development of interpersonal relationship process becomes easier and faster.

Through conversation analysis the research shows that the social media changes the way we communicate and build interpersonal relation. It also changes the characters and the quality of interpersonal relationships. In the context of intercultural communication,symbols of communication are strongly bound by any culture, rather than inter-cultural relations based on conventional media.


component interpersonal communication interpersonal relations social media Facebook social penetration