Tropical Technology Journal

, 19:6

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Effect of Different Fertilizer Schemes and Irrigation Intervals on Tomatoes’ Response to Water Shortage

  • Pet Roey L. PascualAffiliated withBarili Campus, Cebu Technological University
  • , Jingjing P. CabahugAffiliated withBarili Campus, Cebu Technological University


The growing concerns on increasing global water scarcity require efficient use of water resources. Aimed to investigate the growth and yield responses of tomato to water stress in varied fertilization scheme, a two-factor experiment involving three (3) fertilizer management practices (use of recommended inorganic fertilizer, organic fertilization at 10 T/ha and 20 T/ha) and three (3) watering schedules (daily, two days interval, and three days interval) was done. Analysis of the plant height showed that at increased level of organic fertilizer, plants were taller even up to three (3) days watering interval. Height was significantly reduced for plants applied with 10 T/ha compost and watered at three (3) days interval and those applied with pure inorganic fertilizer. Moreover, prolonging the interval of watering up to three (3) days on compost-fertilized tomatoes allowed them to initiate flowering earlier. This was not significantly different with tomatoes applied with pure inorganic fertilizer but watered daily. Finally, examination of the analysis on the cumulative yield showed that the highest yields, 10.54 and 8.96 MT/ha, were obtained on tomatoes applied with 20 T/ha compost and watered daily and at two (2) days interval, respectively. Significant reduction in yield was exhibited by tomatoes applied with inorganic fertilizer only and watered daily, more so, when watering was at two (2) and three (3) days interval. A conclusion is drawn that application of compost reduces the negative effects of water shortage to flower initiation and plant height even up to three (3) days watering interval and up to two (2) days interval to yield.

Key words:

water stress fertilizer management watering schedules plant height flower initiation cumulative yield