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Moroccan Journal of Pure and Applied Analysis

, 2:7

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Bounds for the weighted Dragomir-Fedotov functional

  • Mohammad W. AlomariAffiliated withDepartment of Mathematics, Faculty of Science and Information Technology,, Irbid National University Email author 


In literature the Dragomir-Fedotov functional is well known as
In this work a generalization of D(f; u) is established. Namely, we define the weighted Dragomir-Fedotov functional such as:
$$\mathcal{O}\mathcal{D}(f,g;u):=\frac{1}{u(b)-u(a)}\cdot \int\limits_{a}^{b}{f(x)}du(x)-\frac{1}{\int\limits_{b}^{b}{g(t)dt}}\cdot \int\limits_{a}^{b}{f(t)}g(t)dt$$
, and hence several bounds are proved.

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Grüuss inequality Riemann - Stieltjes integral functional