Petroleum Geology & Experiment

, 37:20

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Reserves growth trend and potential analysis of Junggar Basin

  • Ping ChenAffiliated withSINOPEC Petroleum Exploration & Production Research Institute
  • , Ling ZhangAffiliated withSINOPEC Petroleum Exploration & Production Research Institute
  • , Huimin WangAffiliated withSINOPEC Star Petroleum Co Ltd


The Junggar Basin is one of early explored petroliferous basins in China. Since the discovery of the Karamay Oil Field in 1955, over 30 oil fields have been found. The geologic features, hydrocarbon accumulation mechanisms and distribution characteristics of the Junggar Basin were studied in this paper. The basin has under-gone rapid and effective exploration in past years, which helped potential prediction. The present estimate of recoverable oil and gas resources in the basin is 45.3% and 30.3%, respectively. Exploration is in the middle and late stages. There are (9.42~16.92)×108 t oil remaining unproved. Lithologic, igneous rocks and tight sand-stones are the main targets for future exploration in the basin.

Key words:

potential analysis petroleum reserves Junggar Basin