Petroleum Geology & Experiment

, 37:22

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Current models and standardization of sequence stratigraphy

  • Li BaoqingAffiliated withKey Laboratory of Tectonics and Petroleum Resources of Ministry of Education, China University of Geosciences


Based on previous research, the paper summarized several sequence stratigraphic models (depositional sequence, genetic stratigraphic sequence and transgressive-regressive sequence) and standardized the workflow of sequence stratigraphy, and analyzed the merits and pitfalls of different sequence models. Sequence models representing stratigraphic records in different geological settings were applied to corresponding settings. The occurrence of system tracts was controlled by the interplay between accommodation and sediment supply, and was ascribed to changes such as tectonics, sea-level, sediment supply, climate and so on. The standardized workflow of sequence stratigraphy was based on the model-independent approach and model-dependent approach. Differentiating genetic types was essential for the standardization of sequence stratigraphy.

Key words:

sequence models depositional sequence T-R sequence genetic stratigraphic sequence genetic types of deposit